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LUMI workshop 2024 in Warsaw

Warsaw, Poland

The “Accelerating your computing with the LUMI European supercomputer” workshop will be arranged on 3 June, 2024, at 10-16 CEST in Warsaw, Poland.

The program of the workshop includes:

  • Using machine learning frameworks on LUMI
  • Working with large language models using Megatron-DeepSpeed on LUMI

The event will be held in Warsaw, at the Centrum Szkoleniowe Wspólna, address: 56 Wspólna st.

The registration deadline is 30 May, 2024. Details, and registration link can be found at:

LUMI is one of the largest European supercomputers and flagship EuroHPC systems. More information on Polish activities under LUMI can be found on the Cyfronet website. Polish scientists have access to LUMI via national PLGrid Infrastructure.