LUMI supercomputer

At the time of installation, LUMI will be one of the world’s fastest computer systems, having theoretical computing power of more than 200 petaflops which means 200 quintillion calculations per second. LUMI’s performance will be more than tenfold compared to one of Europe’s fastest supercomputer today (Piz Daint, Switzerland). LUMI will also be one of world’s leading platforms for articifial intelligence.

LUMI facts:
LUMI’s computing power will be over 200 petaflops.
LUMI’s computing power is equivalent to the combined performance of 600,000 of the latest MacBook Pro computers. These would form a 9.3-kilometer tower.


Storage: over 60 petabytes with a sizeable flash layer providing more than 1 terabytes of bandwidth.
LUMI is using 100% renewable, carbon-neutral energy. Up to 200MWs are available. The waste heat of LUMI will produce 20 procent of the district heat of the area.


Used technologies: The supercomputer achieves its high performance with a large number of nodes with accelerators (GPUs). In addition, the system is complemented by a CPU only partition, IaaS cloud services, and a large object storage solution.