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OpenMP Offload


This course is part of the first OpenMP training organized by the LUMI User Support Team (LUST) and supported by CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd (Finland) and CSC Autumn of HPC 2021 (five modules program on teaching essential skills in parallel programming for modern GPU-accelerated supercomputers) under PRACE Training Centres activity.

This training aims to help the users to port their code to LUMI, the European pre-exascale supercomputer, that will achieve its high computing power thanks to a large number of nodes with AMD GPUs.

This course address the use of OpenMP for programming co-processors such as GPUs. It focuses on how to get the best out of OpenMP in terms of performance by exploring the implications of possible OpenMP parallelization strategies. Advanced topics such as asynchronous execution, interoperability with CUDA/HIP and the use of multiple GPUs are covered.

Registration is obligatory since the details to access the online course will be provided to the registered and accepted attendees only.

Read more about the course and register now at the PRACE Training website.