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Users in Poland

You can apply for the national LUMI resources either as an academic user affiliated with a Polish higher-education or research institute or as an industry user from an organization established or located in Poland.


Academic users

Calls for LUMI Poland allocations are issued by the Academic Computer Centre CYFRONET AGH-UST via the PLGrid Infrastructure.

Who can apply?

The applicant must be a person conducting scientific activity, employed by a Polish unit of the higher education and science system (within the meaning of the Act of 20 July 2018 Law on Higher Education and Science). Additionally, the applicant must be registered in the PLGrid Portal with active affiliation.

Access for users

The access is granted in two ways: you can apply for a test grant (benchmark/ development access) or a standard computational grant (regular access). All the activities related to acquiring a grant, its management and settlement, are carried out via the PLGrid Portal:

Trial access – test grants

The aim of executing a test grant is to carry out test calculations, including: software performance and scalability, research problems and models scalability, software compatibility with the target LUMI supercomputer architecture, as well as to develop code and algorithms necessary for further research. Trial access is limited to a period of 30 days. Calculations in the test grant are carried out in cooperation with HPC specialists from units being part of the PLGrid Infrastructure. That is to support preparation of a correct computational model and estimation of the resources necessary to accomplish it. User activity under the test grant is taken into account in the evaluation of (future) computational grants. Applying for resources under the test grant is carried out on a continuous basis.

Regular access – computational grants

Execution of a computational grant gives the possibility to perform calculations in a continuous manner, in the full scope of the allocated resources. Computational grants are awarded for a period of 12 months, on the basis of the results of the competition announced twice a year by ACC Cyfronet AGH-UST (for details please refer to: The calendar of the computational  grants’ validity is published in the call announcement. Acceptance of the amount of the allocated resources results from the amount of resources available to scientists from Poland. In particular, applicants may be allocated a smaller pool of resources than the one requested or a different time frame of their availability. Progress in the use of the computational time of the computational grant is monitored on a monthly basis. This task is performed by the PLGrid Operational Centre’s operators. Progress monitoring is aimed at early detection of possible user problems related to the utilisation of the computational grant.

For more information please visit: or contact:

LUMI User Support Team:

Industrial users

Up to 20% of all LUMI resources are available to industry and SMEs to support their research, development and innovation activities and to boost the competitiveness of Europe. As an industrial user from an organization established or located in Poland, you can apply for the resources for your business or collaborate with Polish higher-education or research institutes in a joint research, development and innovation projects.

Calls for LUMI Poland allocations are issued by the Academic Computer Centre CYFRONET AGH-UST via the PLGrid Infrastructure.

Please contact The National HPC Competence Centre for more information.