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LUMI-C ranked on several benchmark lists

The first installation phase of EuroHPC Joint Undertaking’s LUMI supercomputer, the CPU partition called LUMI-C, was ranked number 5 on the latest Graph500 list . The Graph500 list ranks the suitability of supercomputing systems for data intensive applications.

Additionally, LUMI-C was ranked number 76 on the new Top500 list of the world’s most powerful supercomputers released at the SC21 conference.

LUMI-C was ranked number 60 on the latest Green500 list, which ranks supercomputers from the Top500 list in terms of energy efficiency. LUMI, LUMI-C included, uses 100% hydroelectric energy for its operation.

On the new HPCG list LUMI-C was ranked number 51. The HPCG list (High-Performance Conjugate Gradient) benchmark provides an alternative metric for assessing supercomputer performance and is meant to complement the HPL measurement.

LUMI-C consists of 1536 nodes with two 64-core AMD Epyc “Milan” CPUs. These benchmark results were achieved with the HPE Slingshot-10 interconnect, which will be upgraded to Slingshot-11 early next year.

The majority of LUMI’s performance will arise from accelerated partition to be installed early next year. When LUMI is in its full grandeur, it is anticipated to be on the top positions of the Top500 list.

– While we are still deploying the main capacity of LUMI, that is the GPU partition based on AMD MI200 technology, we are delighted to see that the complementary LUMI-C resource qualifies among the supercomputer listings. As LUMI-C is especially meant for data analytics, the position in the Graph500 proves the value of the LUMI-C resource, says Dr. Pekka Manninen, Director of LUMI.