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LUMI Receives Honors in 2022 HPCwire Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards

hpcwire awards - best sustainable innovation in hpc 2022 (editors' choice)

20th Annual HPCwire Awards Presented to Leaders in the Global HPC Community

LUMI has been recognized in the annual HPCwire Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards, presented at the 2022 International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis (SC22), in Dallas, Texas. The list of winners was revealed at the SC22 HPCwire booth, as well as on the HPCwire website:

LUMI was recognized with the following honor:

• Editors’ Choice: Best Sustainability Innovation in HPC

The coveted annual HPCwire Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards are determined through a nomination and voting process with the global HPCwire community, as well as selections from the HPCwire editors. The awards are an annual feature of the publication and constitute prestigious recognition from the HPC community. They are revealed each year to kick off the annual supercomputing conference, which showcases high performance computing, networking, storage, and data analysis.

– The 2022 Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards are exceptional, indeed. Solutions developed with HPC led the world out of the Pandemic, and we officially broke the Exascale threshold — HPC has now reached a billion, billion operations per second!, said Tom Tabor, CEO of Tabor Communications, publishers of HPCwire.

– Between our worldwide readership of HPC experts and the most renowned panel of editors in the industry, the Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards represent resounding recognition of HPC accomplishments throughout the world. Our sincerest gratitude and hearty congratulations go out to all of the winners.

– The LUMI consortium is very proud to be able to run such a powerful supercomputer in such a sustainable way. Moreover, LUMI is not only energy-efficient itself, it is also a major enabler of research and innovation looking for solutions to climate challenges. With this double impact, LUMI contributes significantly to fighting climate change and to securing energy supply, said Kimmo Koski, Managing Director of CSC – IT Center for Science, Finland, on behalf of the LUMI consortium.

– It is obvious that in the world of today even supercomputers cannot use energy without consideration. LUMI was designed and optimized from the beginning for ultimate energy-efficiency, which lead the choices of the featured processor and integration technologies. In addition to the energy efficiency, LUMI strives for end-to-end sustainability and zero carbon emissions through its brownfield datacenter, 100% hydroelectric power and excess heat reuse in district heating. We thank HPCwire for this recognition, and hope sustainability is a key consideration in the upcoming supercomputer procurements everywhere, said Pekka Manninen, Director of LUMI, CSC – IT Center for Science, Finland.

hpc wire award presented for LUMI

Image: Tom Tabor (left) presenting the award to Kimmo Koski and Pekka Manninen at the LUMI SC22 conference booth.

More information on these awards can be found at the HPCwire website ( or on Twitter through the following hashtag: #HPCwireAwards.

About LUMI
LUMI, one of the EuroHPC pre-exascale supercomputers and leading platforms for artificial intelligence, is located at CSC’s data center in Kajaani, Finland. It is one of the most eco-efficient HPC facilities in the world. The supercomputer is hosted by the LUMI consortium consisting of ten European countries.

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