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[Information] Default version of the LUMI module will be switched from 22.08 to 23.09 on July 9, 2024

Tuesday 21 May 10:00 CEST (11:00 EEST)

At the moment, the default version of the LUMI module is still 22.08, while the default version of the compilers on the system has been 23.09 since November 2023. We expect that after the next major system update, we will no longer be able to support versions 22.08. 22.12 and 23.03 of the Cray Programming Environment and hence the corresponding versions of the LUMI stack and spack modules, as 23.09 is the first release of the programming environment officially compatible with the new environment (even though it will need a newer ROCm version on the updated environment).
  • All users: the default version of the LUMI module will be switched from 22.08 to 23.09. The projected date for the switch is July 9, 2024. If you are currently loading the LUMI module without specifying any version, you can expect that job scripts, etc., will break on that day. Please always load explicitly the version of the LUMI module that you need.
  • For users with projects running after the end of August, 2024: it is now time to switch to the 23.09 version of the programming environment.
    • On the bare system (before loading any module) or in CrayEnv, this has already been the default version of the programming environment since November 2023, so unless you’re explicitly loading older versions of modules you should be OK when building software;
    • Users of the LUMI stacks should switch to LUMI/23.09. Much software has already been installed in that stack. If you face any issue and need help, please contact the LUMI User Support Team
    • Users of the spack modules should switch to spack/23.09 and rebuild with that version of Spack.