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[Information] LUMI-G unavailable Sunday 26 November from 07:00 CET (08:00 EET) to 23:00 CET (00:00 EET)

Thursday 23 November 2023 – 16:00 CET (17:00 EET)

This Sunday 26 November, LUMI-G will be reserved to hero runs from 07:00 CET (08:00 EET) to 23:00 CET (00:00 EET). Please note that access to login nodes, storage and computations on LUMI-C are not affected.
We indeed provide the opportunity to perform runs on the entirety of LUMI the last Sunday every month (except July, August and December). This can either be all the CPU nodes, all GPU nodes or even a combination of CPU and GPU nodes if needed. More information here