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[Resolved] Maintenance break 11.7-14.7 – COS and Slingshot upgrades

[Resolved – 14.7.2023] We are pleased to let you know that LUMI is back to regular service after significant parts of the system software have been updated including Cray Operating System, Slingshot interconnect, and Slurm. Besides enhancing node stability, these different updates should significantly improve:

  • Slurm heterogeneous job support
  • Large files access
  • Networking (interconnect)

We will be taking the system offline for maintenance on Tuesday 11 July at 09:00 EEST (08:00 CEST) until Friday 14 July.

Significant parts of the system software will be updated including Cray Operating System and Slingshot interconnect, which should significantly improve node stability.

The system is expected to be back in production on Friday 14 July.

We will make a maintenance reservation to ensure that no jobs are running when the service break starts. Shorter jobs may run before the break if they can finish before the start of the maintenance.

If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the LUMI User Support Team: