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The fourth Finnish LUMI Extreme Scale Access call for projects

The fourth call for proposals for Finnish LUMI Extreme Scale Access projects is open. The call will close on October 5, 2023.

This call for proposals is aimed at high-impact, high-gain, innovative research, open to all fields of science that benefit from extremely large allocations in terms of compute time (especially GPU) and data storage resources. The call for Finland’s LUMI Extreme Scale Access projects is organized by CSC – IT Center for Science, and it is open for researchers in Finnish higher education, research institutions, and private enterprises. Note that the results should be mostly open, i.e., lead to journal articles, theses, and/or open datasets.

The duration of the granted projects is, by default, 12 months. You can find more information on different LUMI access modes in the Users in Finland section. Other LUMI access modes can be applied at MyCSC.

In the proposal, applicants need to:

  • Justify that the research requires the use of extremely large allocations to reach the objectives.
  • Demonstrate the technical readiness of the method, software, and tools on LUMI-G. Performance results from another system with the same node architecture (e.g., Frontier or AdAstra) are accepted, but results from systems with another GPU architecture are not sufficient. The group can get a Benchmark Access project for collecting the demonstration. See
  • Provide a project plan with an adequate schedule of the expected resource consumption during the lifetime of the project.

The proposals will go through technical and scientific evaluations. Proposals will be scientifically assessed by an international panel of research team leaders from various disciplines. The overall selection criteria are:

  • technical readiness
  • scientific excellence of the research
  • international and national collaboration with academia and/or industry is of added value.

The proposal should specify the needed GPU hours, CPU core hours, and storage (TiB) hours. The projects should need at least 0.5 million GPU hours. Otherwise, the continuous Regular Access mechanism is recommended for a more lightweight application process. The projects can start in December 2023.

The upper limits of the resources are not defined. Still, one should note that this call will, in total, allocate 7.6 million GPU hours, 136 million CPU core hours, and 95 million storage hours, aiming at establishing more than one project. The projects are allocated in the ranking order of their total evaluation score. CSC reserves the right to grant projects with different amounts than those requested. The selected projects can be implemented as one or more computing projects according to the wishes of the applying consortium.

The call is open until Thursday, October 5, 2023, 23:59 EEST. Apply via this form. You can save and edit your proposal until you decide to send it.

If you have questions, please contact