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Wrapping up the training year 2023

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LUMI is one of the world’s most powerful supercomputers – the fastest in Europe. It is a unique platform that provides researchers and scientists with the computational power they need to solve complex problems and drive innovation. However, to make the most of this powerful tool, users need to be trained to use it. That’s where the LUMI User Support Team (LUST) together with the HPE Center of Excellence come in. In addition to answering user inquiries and providing documentation on how to use LUMI, LUST also conducts training.

In 2023, LUST organized several training events to help users get the most out of LUMI. These events included three advanced courses, and three one-day “LUMI intro courses”. The advanced courses covered a wide range of topics, including general LUMI usage, GPU node utilization, and application profiling. The LUMI intro courses provided a basic introduction to LUMI and its capabilities.

In addition to these courses, LUST also organized two week-long hackathons. These hackathons provided users with the opportunity to work on optimizing their own applications with the help of mentors from LUST, HPE, and AMD. These hackathons allowed the users to optimize their application with the help of mentors from LUST, HPE, and AMD. The events were held in Espoo, Finland, and Kraków, Poland, with five and seven teams joining, respectively.

All of these events were very well received by participants, receiving high grades in the after-course surveys. The events were held online and on-site, making them accessible to users from all over Europe.

Additionally, LUST makes the training material, including slides, notes, and recordings, available online, allowing users who were unable to attend the courses to access the material and enhance their knowledge of LUMI.

A look into 2024

In 2024, LUST plans to continue empowering LUMI users by offering regular intro courses, at least two advanced level courses, and new special interest courses and workshops on topics like “Getting started with AI/ML”. These courses will be designed to provide users with the knowledge, skills, and best practices they need to make the most of LUMI and drive innovation in their fields.

Overall, LUST’s training efforts in 2024 will continue to be a vital component of LUMI’s success, providing users with the knowledge and skills they need to make the most of this powerful supercomputer and drive innovation in their fields.

Follow the LUMI website and social media channels for further information about upcoming courses.

Author: Jørn Dietze , The Arctic University of Norway & LUST member